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Chasing the Aspens in Colorado, Part 1

For my dear mother's birthday, the three of us made a trip to Colorado, driving 596 miles from where we live now in Missouri to Colorado Springs. There was an event at our old college we wanted to attend, while also making a trip further north to visit family. The closer we got to town, all I could think about were those mountains hidden in the dark that I wouldn't be able to see until morning. I felt then, and on a weekly basis, like Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings movie when he says, "I want to see mountains again, Gandolf. Mountains!"

Kissing Camels @ Garden of the Gods

The mountains are calling.

We had a free day to explore since we made the trip in one day instead of two like we had planned. So we were able to meet up with a good friend and former classmate of ours! This was followed by a day of driving through the old neighborhood, seeing the apartment and house that we lived in while Bible college students.

We cute.

We eventually made our way up to Woodland Park, where we stayed in a sweet little cabin for two nights. As long as you don't have neighbors who decide to rearrange furniture at 3 in the morning, I highly recommend Bristlecone Lodge!

A childhood friend of mine made the trip up to hangout with us... but I didn't get any photos of this time together. We were having too much fun playing Trivial Pursuit with my parents and playing guitar :)

Saturday morning, I met up with Natalia, a dear friend, and had breakfast in a cozy mountain town where we ate next to a pond, talked politics, and had a mini photoshoot!

Later that day, we had the Alumni dinner at the Woodland Park campus for Charis Bible College. The new campus set in the mountain landscape was beautiful!

My parents and I had a great time on our vacation, and there a so many wonderful pictures to share, which I will do in my next post! That's when the scenery gets pretty epic, and my new Sony a6000 captured the changing leaves and mountain views wonderfully! Stay tuned!

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