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Chasing the Aspens in Colorado, Part 2

Going back through all my pictures is seriously so much fun! If you haven't read the first blog about our vacation, you can do there here. In this post, I will share some of the highlights of our drive between Woodland Park and Idaho Springs, Co.

My parents and I drove to Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, up the mountain to Woodland Park, then headed deeper into the mountains on our way to Fort Collins!

Let the stream of pictures boasting the changing Aspens and mountain views begin!

Let me interrupt myself here to say, stopping at a mountain spring is always a highlight, and great for pictures that aren't taken out of a moving car... scroll through!

I attempted to read outloud my latest version of book #3 to my parents so they could help me edit, but it's hard to take pictures and enjoy being in the mountains when your attention is stuck on a computer screen (solid advice to all you young people out there!)

Outside Evergreen, CO

Have I mentioned how much I love photography?

We made it to Idaho Springs, where we stayed in a cabin at the Indian Hot Springs Hotel.

My best friend Shekina lives in Denver, and made the trip up to see us and spend mom's birthday with us. I was able to play the song I wrote for her, and read her some chapters of my new book!!! (Don't tell anybody)

Have guitar, will travel

We also went for a swim in the mineral hot springs, My damaged feet from that one time I walked around Berlin in flats with no arch support were veeeeerrrryyyy grateful! (No Pictures)

In my next post, I will share our family photoshoot in the mountains, and the fun shots I got at Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins! Stay Tuned!

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